Travels with Romain Langasque Pt. 2

With the season moving into mainland Europe, French star Romain Langasque takes a look back at key moments in his season so far and talks us through his upcoming tournaments.

We’re at that stage now where there’s a run of big tournaments, Irish, British and Scottish. Golf, for me is about confidence and having the correct attitude, the game itself doesn't come in one night, so I’ve worked a lot on my attitude and my approach to the game. I played the BMW International Open and now I’ll have a week’s rest and prepare for the Irish Open.

I have a lot of preparation in the upcoming weeks and being focused is key, The Open is the most important so I’m getting ready for that but not overlooking the Irish and Scottish. This will be the second time I’ve played at The Open, my first was as an amateur so I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Golf is a game that takes a lot of energy with difficult decisions to make during a round. The key to my game since the beginning of the year has been my driving. It allows me to take be aggressive and hit the fairways and allows more options in my game, I will continue to work with my coach on this to put myself in contention in the upcoming tournaments.


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Having the Tour truck is a huge advantage and more so with the TaylorMade Tour team. Having people like Mark, Sam and Adrian is a plus, they’re excellent at what they do, and I can trust them 100%. Every time I have a request I know that I will have the best club in my hand with the specifications I need. I don't really like to change my clubs in general but when I was at the British Masters the windy conditions meant that i opted to make my 3 iron a little more closed than the others, this was done straight away and I was back out on the range testing.

Since the start of the season my putting statistics were okay, but I felt that they could be improved. I tried Spider X in China and I believe it was one of the main reasons I had great result there and also in Denmark! So far this year every time I have putted well, it made the difference!


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Looking back at my time in China it was a beautiful a course and I set myself up well to play well in Denmark, I managed to stay strong under pressure and have a good game. I have great memories from that run of events, the atmosphere of the British Masters was one of the best I’ve experienced!

With such big tournaments coming up in the next three weeks, it could define my season, so it’s time to get dialled in and focus as much as possible.