Aloha 2019! M5 & M6 Drivers Debut at Kapalua


Twelve months ago, Dustin Johnson nearly aced a 430-yard par 4 at the Tournament of Champions in Hawaii. His drive soared into the sky and maintained an impressive hangtime before scampering down the fairway, rolling up onto the green, and tracking toward the center of the cup before coming to a screeching halt just inches short of the hole. This tee shot made highlight reels for the rest of the season, but for TaylorMade, it also put the performance of their radical Twist Face technology on full display with the No. 1 player in the world.

Now, one year since DJ’s Twist Face driver debuted at Kapalua, TaylorMade has once again re-routed the path to driver performance with a revolutionary new Speed Injected tuning process in our new M5 & M6 drivers.

Earlier this week, DJ, Rory, Rahm, and Day had each been spotted on the Kapalua’s Plantation Course with M5/M6 driver in their bags. Over the past couple months, they had the opportunity to test out their new drivers in secret, but now, they will be put to the true test in the first PGA TOUR event of the 2019 season.


TaylorMade’s VP of Tour Operations, Keith Sbarbaro, was out on the range, raving about the performance of the new products—particularly how the ball speed gains make it an easy decision for the best in the world to switch to M5 or M6 driver.

In all my years out here, the easiest thing to sell on these players to get them to switch is speed... every guy is seeing more ball speed, and it's just making it so easy to put them into play. When you show a guy ball speed and you show them the consistencies of the ball speed that we're getting—it has just been really easy to fit.”

— Keith Sbarbaro | VP of Tour Operations


Hear Keith’s full comments on the fitting process of M5/M6 and what drivers we can expect to see in play at the Tournament of Champions:


When it comes to modern drivers, many golfers believe that distance has already been maximised. There are existing restrictions on how “fast” drivers can be... so by now all drivers must be at the limit, right? The reality is that there’s more to be gained when it comes to consistently hitting that maximum threshold of performance.

That’s why TaylorMade developed a new manufacturing/tuning process where each individual M5 and M6 driver is Speed Injected to get as close to the limit of ball speed as legally possible.

“In the past, the difference with Tour driver heads is that each one has been 100% inspected. We want to give them the best of the best, and we're going to hand-pick those if we can. Now, with Injected Twist Face, we're essentially hand-picking every head for the consumer. Before each head is ‘retail ready,’ it's technically illegal... and then we dial it into a legal zone by injecting it with a proprietary resin. It's like hand-selecting the best driver head you can possibly get every time you grab a club off the rack.”

Brian Bazzel | TaylorMade VP of Product Creation

OSN03121.jpgEach M5 and M6 driver head goes through a rigorous algorithm to determine precisely how much resin to inject into the head in order to maximise ball speed potential. With Injected Twist Face, every single head is engineered to measure at Tour-caliber speed. Grab any TaylorMade driver off the rack this year, and you’ll know you have a “spicy” head with an enormous sweet spot... grab anything without Speed Injection and you would be taking your chances playing the “Speed Lottery.”



DJ has made the upgrade to M5 driver (10.5°). DJ prefers the adjustable M5 model, which provides the ability to slide one of the Inverted T-Track weights toward the toe to help promote is signature fade. However, most notably, DJ was noticing consistent ball speed gains—hitting 185-186 MPH on almost every swing.


  • M5 Driver | 460cc | 10.5° | Fuji Speeder 2.0 X-stiff 77.5g 45.5” | D4 Swing Weight
  • M4 Fairway | 16.5° | Project X HZRDUS Black 95g (6.5)
  • P730 Irons (3-PW) | True Temper Tour Issue X100
  • MG Wedge | 52°, 60° | KBS Tour 120S
  • HI-TOE Wedge | 64° | KBS Tour 120S
  • TP Black Copper Soto Putter
  • 2019 TP5x Golf Ball | #1

As Keith mentioned in the video above, since the new drivers spin less and launch higher, Rory was able to loft up from his 8.5° driver to a 9.0 and adjust the Loft Sleeve down to find his optimal flight.


  • M5 Driver | 460cc | 9° | MCA Tensei Orange TX 45.63” | D7 Swing Weight
  • M6 Fairway | 15° | MRC Tensei White 80 TX
  • P760 UDI 2-Iron | Project X HZRDUS 105 (6.5)
  • P750 irons (3-4) | Project X (7.0)
  • P730 Rors Proto Irons (5-9) | Project X (7.0)
  • MG Wedge | 48°| Project X (6.5)
  • HI-TOE Wedges | 54°, 60° | Project X (6.5)
  • Spider X
  • 2019 TP5 Golf Ball | #22


Rahm, in his second practice round with his new M5 driver, shot a 59. And based on his range session with TrackMan, he was seeing 6-7 yards of additional carry with improved launch and spin.


  • M5 Driver | 10.5° | Aldila Tour Green 70 TX 45.25” | D4 Swing Weight
  • M5 Fairway | 15° | Aldila Tour Green 70 TX
  • M3 Fairway | 19° | Aldila Tour Green 70 TX
  • P750 Irons (4-PW) | Project X (6.5)
  • MG Wedge | 52° | Project X (6.5)
  • HI-TOE Wedges | 56°, 60° | Project X (6.5)
  • Spider Tour Red Putter
  • 2019 TP5x Golf Ball | #10



  • M3 Driver | 460cc | 9.5° | TPT Golf Shaft (X Flex)
  • M4 Fairway | 16.5° | TPT Golf Shaft (X Flex)
  • P760 2-Iron | True Temper X7 X100
  • P750 Irons (4-PW) | True Temper X7 X100
  • MG Wedges | 50°, 54° | True Temper X7 X100
  • HI-TOE Wedge | 60° | True Temper S400 Tour Issue
  • Spider Tour Red Putter
  • 2019 TP5x Golf Ball

While the new M5/M6 drivers seem to be quickly finding their way into the bags of Team TaylorMade, you may have also noticed that each of the “Big 4” at Kapalua have added the new 2019 TP5/TP5x golf balls into their bags. Additionally, new fairway woods and a new prototype Spider putter have been spotted in the first event of the PGA TOUR season... but more on those products in the coming weeks...

For now, be sure to tune in to see what Speed Injected Twist Face is capable of at the Tournament of Champions